Beyond Agricultural Waste
1 Oct - 10 Dec 2020

Beyond Agricultural Waste is an initiative from FIBO Group to create awareness in our community about the abundancy of agricultural waste in Australia. 

We are offering a number of workshops for you to learn first-hand about the concept of upcycling; and an Upcycling Contest where you can create your own product using the Agricultural Waste that we collect and process from Australian farms, the winner of the contest will receive a $500 prize. 

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Delivered by:

Mauricio Murillo
Co-founder of FIBO

Mauricio is the head and heart of FIBO, his Bachelor in Food Engineering, Master's Degree in Biotechnology Management, and Post-graduate Degree in Food Technology will ensure you receive a massive amount of information from an expert.

Join us as he teaches you about the importance of upcycling our own agricultural waste.

He will be conducting the following workshops:

- Compost Workshop
- Eco-pot Workshop
- Body Scrub Workshop

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Angelo Romero

Angelo has been living, and working in Brisbane as a chef, for the last 4 years. His experience, and creativity will be brought to life into this one and only Upcycling Cuisine Workshop.

Join us for an eventful evening where you will learn from one of the best about how you could create delicious recipes with the food you would usually throw away at home!

Angelo will conduct the following workshop:

- Upcycling Cuisine

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Join us for an educational live chat on Thursdays! Exact dates below:

1 October, 2020

Vanessa Murillo
Co-founder of I Am Grounded

Join us on an informative session about the future of upcycling! Vanessa has her own company that upcycles coffee waste and turns them into nutritious coffee bars!

5 November, 2020

Angelo Romero

Angelo has been the head chef of a famous cafe in Queen Street since 2017. You are encouraged to join us while he teaches us about upcycling cuisine!

19 November, 2020

Daniela Guerra
Environmental Engineer - FIBO

Daniela is one of our own and she will be teaching and discussing with you about the importance of ecology
and an environmentally-friendly future!

3 December, 2020

Andrea Feregrino
Training Development - FIBO

Andrea is a team member of FIBO, and to top it all off, she will be closing our Beyond Agricultural Waste campaign with an instructive chat about our Agricultural Waste Management course!


Participate on our Upcycling Contest (1 Oct - 10 Dec 2020)

The Upcycling Contest consists of you using your imagination to develop something by using - fully or partly - one of our raw materials.

Australia wastes around 600 tons of agricultural waste yearly, FIBO's ideal is to generate consciousness regarding this, and show the community that these precious raw materials can be transformed into valuable marketable by-products!

With this contest we can all put our heads together and show the value of Australia's agricultural waste!


Once coffee is brewed, often times the spent ground coffee gets thrown out. Ground coffee has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties,  there's more to it than you'd imagine!

This is a Level 1 raw material - the selection process for a contestant to receive this material is uncomplicated.


Sugarcane bagasse is a very fibrous product which can be used as a replacement for paper and foam products, biofuel, building materials, and more!

This is a Level 2 raw material - the selection process for a contestant to receive this material  - depending on the size and amount - is relatively arduous.


A single pineapple plant can produce 3 types of fibre, all of which are useful for the textile, construction, automotive, and medical industries!

This is a Level 3 raw material - the selection process for a contestant to receive this material - depending on the Type - is arduous.

About the Upcycling Contest


To register you are invited to submit our Google Form, which immediately enters you into the contest.

Click here to enter the Upcycling Contest Round 1.

For any further information contact us at


Don't forget that you should include your thoughts and ideas about what you could develop with one of our raw materials. If you are one of the selected 10, we will request further information and then arrange a pick-up day for you to collect your raw material.


There is a panel of jurors (3) that will be announced on Oct 1. These panelists will vote to decide which contestants pass to the next rounds.

  • The Upcycling Contest takes place from 1 Oct to 10 Dec. There will be 3 rounds that you must pass for a chance to win.
  • The First Round will define the 10 best contestants. At this point, all contestants will have a chance to gain a direct place in the finals by having their product showcased in our Facebook page. Invite your friends to like your photo and you can be one of the three finalists!
  • The Second Round will give all 10 contestants a chance to talk us through their process and tell us why they should move to the Final Round. This round will be through a video-conference. Only 3 wll pass (this includes the most liked participant from our social media).
  • The Final Round will take place at Barko & Co. This is the only round where contestants need to physically show up at our venue and present their product to the jurors and a limited audience (21 people limit), please encourage your friends and family to join us in our livestream!
  • Winner             $500
  • Runner-up      $250
  • Third place     $100

Other ways to get in touch:

"Let's upcycle together"

You are more than welcome to visit us from 3-6pm at Barko & Co (71 Macquarie St, Teneriffe, QLD, 4005) where we will be showcasing our products and talking to you about our company from Monday to Friday. 
This limited opportunity is only active from 1 Oct to 10 Dec 2020


2/4 Leonard Crescent, Brendale, QLD, 4500 - Warehouse
375 Wickham Tce, Spring Hill, QLD, 4000 - Office

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